Import your car from Germany

Import your car from Germany

From € 635 + shipping costs to the Netherlands

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Are you looking for a professional and reliable car import service to import your dream car from Germany to the Netherlands? You've come to the right place at VDS Auto Import!
We offer comprehensive import services to individuals, from the purchase to the delivery to your home in the Netherlands.

Our import location in Germany allows us to work quickly and efficiently and offer you the best prices. Whether you want to import an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or any other car brand, both used or new, we have the experience and knowledge to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Contact us using the button below to discover how we can help you import your dream car from Germany. At VDS Auto Import, we strive to provide you with the best customer experience!

VDS provided excellent support in importing my car from Germany. Niels and Dennis kept me informed about the various steps in the process, such as reception after transportation, inspection at the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority), and BPM declaration. One pleasant aspect compared to other providers is the true all-inclusive price for inspection, BPM declaration, and license plates. I noticed quite a few hidden costs with various other providers.

— Mitch - Import of BMW X5M from Germany to the Netherlands

Step-by-step guide for importing from Germany

Curious about the process of importing a vehicle from Germany? In the following steps, we provide an overview of the import process at VDS Auto Import.


Importing starts with the search for your favorite dream car, motorcycle, or camper. In many cases, it is best to consult a German search engine. Good examples of major search engines are and


When importing a car from a country within the EU, it is usually subject to BPM (Dutch vehicle tax). If imported within the EU, it is exempt from import duties, but VAT needs to be paid for new vehicles. The amount of these import taxes may influence the decision to import a car or not.

Import duties and VAT

Importing within the EU means you are exempt from import duties. The VAT is 21% of the purchase price. VAT is applicable only for new vehicles.

BPM (Dutch vehicle tax)

The amount to be paid for BPM is determined, among other factors, by the CO2 emissions, age, and market value of the vehicle and can be calculated in various ways. At VDS Auto Import, we always offer the method with the lowest BPM amount.


Once you have purchased a car abroad, there are two ways to arrange transportation.

Professional transport through an authorized transporter is often the best option. It not only saves you a lot of time but also eliminates the need to arrange insurance or temporary export license plates. Furthermore, unnecessary driving of the vehicle is avoided, making this form of transportation cost-effective. We can take care of this most commonly chosen form of transportation entirely. This way, you can be assured of a safe transport.

If you have a trailer to pick up the car yourself, this can be a good option. We look forward to receiving the vehicle.


Once the car has been transported to the Netherlands, the inspection at the RDW is scheduled. Due to close cooperation with the RDW, our own inspection lane, and a professional workshop, we can handle the process promptly, even in the case of a rejection.

BPM & license plates

The Dutch license plates can only be issued by the RDW after the BPM has been paid to the Tax and Customs Administration. When you import your vehicle through VDS Auto Import, we handle the BPM declaration as standard and always offer you the lowest BPM calculation method. This way, you won't experience any delays in the import process. Finally, we mount the luxury license plates, and you can hit the road without worries.

How much will the BPM be?

If you are about to buy a car in Germany and wonder about the costs of importing, request a non-binding quote using the button below, and you will receive a response with a BPM calculation within one business day.

How long does the import take?

When you have purchased a vehicle in Germany, you want to hit the road in the Netherlands as soon as possible. We do everything we can to ensure that the administrative procedures are carried out quickly. Additionally, you will have access to your personal online account where you can stay up-to-date and get notified of the import process. What do we do to expedite the process?

  • Accurate BPM calculation in advance
  • RDW inspection is taken care of
  • Full service check in our professional workshop
  • Delivery and mounting of license plates
  • Vehicle registration (title transfer)

Importing vehicles requires to closely work with various external organizations and government agencies. We expect the total import process to take 2 to 3 weeks.

Import of a Volkswagen T-Roc convertible from Germany

Want to know more about what our customers think? Check the testimonial of a customer who imported a Volkswagen T-Roc from Germany. (Only Dutch audio available)

Bekijk de ervaring van de import van een Volkswagen uit Duitsland

Benieuwd naar de ervaring van het importeren uit Duitsland? Bekijk de video van het importeren van een Volkswagen T-Roc cabrio.

Arjan Blommestein - Senior Import Specialist

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